Financial Analyst


  • جدة, Saudi Arabia

Aramco invigorates the world economy.

Aramco possesses a special situation in the worldwide energy industry. We are the world's biggest maker of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the most reduced upstream carbon power of any significant maker.


With our critical interest in innovation and foundation, we endeavor to boost the worth of the energy we produce for the world alongside a guarantee to upgrade Aramco's worth to society.

Settled in the Realm of Saudi Arabia, and with workplaces all over the planet, we join market discipline with an ages' traversing perspective on what was to come, brought into the world of our ninety years experience as mindful stewards of the Realm's huge hydrocarbon assets. This obligation has driven us to convey critical cultural and financial advantages to the Realm, yet in addition to countless networks, economies, and nations that depend on the essential and solid energy that we supply.

We are quite possibly of the most beneficial organization on the planet, as well as among the main five worldwide organizations by market capitalization.

Work Reason

Examinations monetary data to give gauges of business and financial circumstances to make

informed speculation choices. Oversees exceptional tasks including mechanization, framework reconciliations, and

process upgrade. Helps different divisions in applying Organization monetary approaches; examinations monetary

issues and creates arrangements


DUTY1/exertion % (025)

Gives proficient and specialized skill in the examination of complex

issues, issues

furthermore, gives arrangements influencing depository administrations. Distinguishes patterns

which might influence the

Organization, gives direction to junior staff.

DUTY2/exertion % (025)

Stays informed concerning and examinations worldwide financial information and money related

information; on the side of

strategy and techniques definition and execution to forestall or

resolve issues.

DUTY3/exertion % (020)

Addresses the Depository Association, as appointed, on unique activities

what's more, normal or promotion

hoc panels or teams. Goes about as Financier's agent to

different Divisions

concerning Far reaching issues.

DUTY4/exertion % (010)

Arranges cash anticipating exercises concerning both corporate

furthermore, legal administrator


DUTY5/exertion % (010)

Coordinates occasional assessments of states of Aramco's bank of record

what's more, different banks in

which corporate or legal administrator reserves are kept or which play a

huge job in seller


DUTY6/exertion % (010)

Goes about as approved underwriter on corporate and legal administrator checks and installment


letters with limitless, and on account of checks, single mark


Instruction and Experience Prerequisites

Instructive Level :Single guys

Degree Title : Four year certification in liberal arts
Discipline Title : Business and The board

Least Long stretches of Involvement :12


Title : Assoc of Contracted Ensured Bookkeeper (ACCA)

Req./Pref. : Liked

Remarks Nature of Cert./Permit Relations :

A main global body giving confirmation in bookkeeping and r

Title : Confirmed Monetary Expert (CFA)

Req./Pref. : Liked

Remarks Nature of Cert./Permit Relations :

Certificate in the space of venture examination, portfolio the executives

Title : Guaranteed Interior Examiner (CIA)

Req./Pref. : Liked

Remarks Nature of Cert./Permit Relations :

Certificate in the space of inner review and practice

Title : Confirmed Administration Bookkeeper (CMA)

Req./Pref. : Liked

Remarks Nature of Cert./Permit Relations :

Confirmation in the space of the executives bookkeeping, planning, and deci

Title : Affirmed Public Bookkeeper (CPA)

Req./Pref. : Liked

Remarks Nature of Cert./Permit Relations :

Confirmation in the space of monetary bookkeeping and revealing

Title : Saudi Organization of Guaranteed Public Bookkeeper (SOCPA)

Req./Pref. : Liked

Remarks Nature of Cert./Permit Relations :

Accreditation in the space of bookkeeping and reviewing norms

Working climate

Our high-performing representatives are drawn by the difficult and compensating proficient, specialized and modern open doors we offer, and are compensated as needs be.

At Aramco, our kin work on really world-scale projects, upheld by interest in capital and innovation that is top notch. Furthermore, in light of the fact that, as a worldwide energy organization, we are confronted with tending to a portion of the world's greatest specialized, strategic and natural difficulties, we put vigorously in ability improvement.

We have a pleased history of teaching and preparing our labor force over numerous many years. Representatives at all levels are urged to further develop their area explicit information and skills through our labor force advancement programs - one of the biggest on the planet.

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